Sew Merry: Wood Bead Garland

One last post about my tree!! As a reminder, this is what my tree looks like:

Can you see the little bits of garland in there? Let’s get a little closer…

That’s better! Now maybe you can actually see it!

I have been into projects with wooden beads lately and I knew I needed some for my tree. When I came across a wood bead seat cover at Goodwill for $3, I knew it would be the perfect thing to take apart and use on my tree. There are actually quite a few beads in this little cover and I just might even do some more projects with the extras in the future!

This little project is super quick. The only thing I had problems with was keeping the cat away from my yarn! You will need wooden beads, yarn, and a needle with a large eye hole.

Slip the needle through the bead.

Then double back and slip it through again.

Continue doing this until you have a whole long chain of them. You can make them closer together than I did if you want.

I bet it will take you a whole 10 minutes. No problem!! You could even get your kids to help with this one. Assuming you don’t care if they play with large needles :)

It was the perfect thing for my little tree. So far I have always gone with neutral colors on my white tree. Maybe next year I should try some color! What do you think?

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