Sew Merry: Salt Dough Ornaments

I had fun making ornaments for our little tree this year. I even tried something new. Salt dough. Have you ever tried it? It’s really easy and fun. The only problem is they end up looking like sugar cookies but they don’t taste like them :) A bummer because I really like sugar cookies. And I’m not the only one who thought they looked like cookies, take a look:

I started with a google search and found a recipe for salt dough. Once mixed, I rolled them out and used my cookie cutters and alphabet stamps on them. I also made sure to punch a hole in the top for the string. Although you can let them air dry, I am too impatient and so I baked them at 200 degrees for about 2 hours.

They turned out perfect!! I left mine plain but you can also add paint to them if you wish.

I made these intending to attach them to presents but hung them on the tree instead. I still might end up putting them on some gifts because they are just so cute!

The snowflakes are my favorite!

Another item on my tree this year is pipe cleaner words. These could not be simpler to make! Just shape your gold pipe cleaners into words and place them on the tree.

I had to twist a few pipe cleaners together to make them long enough. I usually used 2 or 3 per word.

I think the merry is my favorite :)

That is almost it for my super simple tree decor. Tomorrow I will show you some close ups and a tutorial on the garland.

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