Sew Merry: Gift Wrap

I love giving gifts. I even love shopping for gifts regardless of how busy the stores are. I really enjoy the whole process including the gift wrap. Each year I try to do something different and this year was no exception. Because to me, when I receive a gift and it is wrapped really pretty, that is part of the gift. It feels special and I like to do that with the gifts I give as well. This was my inspiration this year:

After browsing at Anthro one day, I came across this wrapping paper and I loved it (they have a bunch of pretty papers, check it out!). And then I thought that a metallic marker and some kraft paper, both of which I already have, would create the same effect. So, I gathered my supplies and started drawing:

I really wanted to use a gold marker but it didn’t show up on the kraft as well so I went with silver. If I had some lighter colored kraft paper it would have worked better. You really could use any kind of solid color wrapping paper to fit your decor and it would look awesome!

I chose to measure out my paper for each gift and then draw on it instead of drawing on the whole roll. That way, each gift could have a different pattern.

After all of the gifts were wrapped, I tied them with some red yarn and attached gift tags. For the gift tags, I cut out two kinds of fabric each, punched a hole in them and tied them on. Then I drew the name with a black marker. All of these gifts happened to be for my husband and so I used various nicknames I have for him :)

It was a fun little project and I’m excited to wrap more gifts so I can draw some more :)

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