Sew Merry: Hoops!

Sorry for the delay today, we have been having some internet connection problems. No fun :( Anyway, another sew merry project! That will cheer me up!!

It’s another simple project using sewing stuff that I made for church. This time, embroidery hoops. Somewhere, sometime, I saw some cool hoops hung from a ceiling and I figured it could be replicated with embroidery hoops. Turns out, I was right! Here is what I am talking about:

I wanted them to kind of feel like ornaments, dangling and twirling from the ceiling. I think they look pretty cool and they were super easy to make. First, I bought 11 embroidery hoops of different sizes (they are cheap, only $1.50 each). Next, I took them apart so I could use both pieces. Then, using fishing line or something else clear, I tied them together and hung them up. Not so hard, right?

Actually, the hardest part about this project was getting them to stick into the ceiling since the church has ceiling tiles instead of drywall. A big thanks to my Mom for figuring that out for me so I didn’t have to :)

I love how it looks this year. And, I’m already brainstorming how I can repurpose them for next year. I always try and reuse things the next year but in a different way. My Mom suggested painting them or using glitter. I was thinking of something I saw in my latest Country Living, putting plaid fabric in them and hanging them from the tree (I tried to find an online image but couldn’t). Or maybe using them as frames for some artwork. Any other ideas?

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