Sew Merry: Winter Wonderland

Today’s project is super simple and ends up being super pretty. I thought for sure my favorite project of the year would end up being the string art from yesterday but it ended up being this one. All it takes is a few glass jars, fake snow, and fake trees. Take a look:

A few months ago, I put up a shelf in the entryway at church. I was excited as Christmas rolled around as to what I would put up there since it is what you see first when you walk in the doors. But for some reason, I was stumped. I didn’t decide what I was going to do until right before I did it. It was worth the wait because I love the finished look. I saw that Anthropologie had some mason jar snow globes and I knew they would be perfect. But I needed a bunch. So, I made my own!

It’s a super easy project. I bought 12 regular sized jars from Walmart for about $10. The rest of the jars are my Mom’s and they filled in the space perfectly.

Start with your tree (I got my trees at Michaels) and jar.

Put a piece of double sided tape or regular tape folded so the sticky side is out on the base of the tree. You could also glue them but I wanted to be able to disassemble them and repurpose the jars later. Especially since I was borrowing some from my Mom!

Stick the tree to the underside of the lid and fill the jar with a little bit of snow.

Screw the lid on the jar. (Don’t you just love seeing my cat in the background?!)

Flip the jar and shake it around a bit to let the snow settle. Then, repeat all of those steps a bunch of times and soon you have a whole snow globe village!

I also added a few other things to mine like pine cones, ornaments, and nutcrackers. In person, the glass of the jars sort of sparkle. I love it! You could also add some glitter to the snow or add lights for added sparkle.

For the rest of the vignette, I grabbed a stick from our backyard and hung it from the shelf. Then I added ornaments from last year strung with twine.

The finishing touch is the little merry that I added to the top of the stick. I will make a little step by step tutorial as to how I made that in another post.

The finished look. I loved it so much I made some snow globes for my own house. Pretty fun, huh?! And a big thank you to my Mom for helping me with this project!!

See all this year’s Christmas posts here. Again, I will be posting projects until Christmas so keep checking back!!