Guest Post: Exterior

Wow! It has been a long time since I guest posted but it’s not been because we haven’t been working on our house! You’re going to see by the pictures that we accomplished these projects while the leaves were still on the trees and we were more in the mood for outside work! I’ll share some of our later projects at another time….

We found our house one day when we were staying with Jason and Kellie. Home for a time from Brazil but, literately, homeless! We went for a walk one morning with no intention to look for a house much less buy one and this is what we came across:

We didn’t buy this “beauty” for it’s looks!

I told told Warren “That’s what we should do. Buy this house in a great neighborhood. It looks like it’s been abandoned so we could fix it up and sell it or rent it out.” At that time we had no idea we were going to be going back and forth to Brazil. To make a short story even shorter, we bought the house! The owners had moved out about 15 months previously and he had since died. She was living in a nursing home. So, although it was not exactly abandoned, it was empty. And it needed some spiffing up. We still aren’t finished with all that is needed on the outside but we have a good start!

First we got busy tearing out all the bushes and shrubs that couldn’t be saved or made to look nice. I have definite ideas about what I eventually want to plant but that is for a later time!

Next my good friend, Deb, and I painted our front door with paint that Kellie had bought for herself and then didn’t like with her brick. Well, the house certainly needed a “pick me up” to it and I think the yellow does that! At first I thought that was just temporary but I have to admit it has grown on me! Someday we will get a new door and then I shall see….

I found these great blue pots that are on the step at Southeastern Salvage in Chattanooga and am working at training the boxwoods to be toparies. (I didn’t buy them that way because of the expense).We pressure washed the house and removed a LOT of ivy. We also added a new metal roof and gutters in a bronze color.

Next step was replacing the front windows. Now those things are big AND expensive! Two of them had gotten fogged up through the years so they had to be replaced but after checking into many different options (along with just replacing the glass) we knew we had to come up with a less expensive one. While in Brazil I came up with it. Doors.

Yep. Doors. We bought doors that Warren cut down to the size we needed (he didn’t have to cut very much off) and then he trimmed them out to look like windows. The glass is beveled which is an added touch for me. I LOVE THEM. It is just what we needed to bring some style to the outside… He also put grids on the solid window in the study (since it didn’t need to be replaced) and I painted the window frames in the garage. That’s better!

Remember the barn wood that we got for our dining room table? Well, when we were buying it I got the brainy idea that I wanted shutters for the front of the house made out of this rustic wood too. I am so thankful for a husband that is handy with a saw and sander! What a gift he has! You probably recognize by now that I like details so the shutters were put on hinges that work, made to actually fit the windows (or close!) and used a hook and eye to keep them open. (I liked that idea better than a shutter dog.) Aren’t they amazing?!

We still have so much we want to do out front. I would really love to paint the brick sometime, landscape, a new sidewalk, etc. but for now it is what it is…..