Photo 365: 11.09.11 – 11.15.11

As I’m sitting here at my computer, the rain is beating down. I love the rain. Especially when I’m in my cozy little home. And, especially now that we have our new roof :) Just in time for this wet weather! Now for a little sneak peek into my world this past week:

On Wednesday, just before I left the house, I ran into the guest bedroom to snap a photo. There are few places in my house where I have a full length mirror. One is in the guest bedroom. The other is if I stand on the commode in the master bathroom. I really should invest in a full length mirror for my room. It would make life a whole lot easier :) Besides, the guest room is always a mess unless there are guests coming and so it’s sort of embarrassing to pose for photos in front of that mess (it’s where I throw all of my clothes when I’m trying to find something to wear)! Yeesh!

Yay for us! It’s finally scarf weather. This was from last week. The scarf weather lasted until Monday when it was 70 degrees! And yesterday it was warm too. But now the temperature has dropped again and I’m very happy. I love winter. Bring it on!

11.11.11 at 11:11 I just had to take a photo of what I was doing at that time (and yes, I was on Pinterest, it’s an addiction!). I really couldn’t help myself. And not only did I take a photo… I took 2. One with my phone as well:

It was funny because I had planned to do this all week. I set reminders on my computer and phone so I wouldn’t forget. Five minutes before, my reminders started going off. I got my camera all set up so I could just snap it and then I called Jason into the room to show him something and since I was talking I almost forgot. If Jason hadn’t pointed it out to me that it was 11:11, the time would have passed. But I got what I wanted. Whew!

I got some new boots this week. I am totally in love. Not a very good photo to show them off but you get the idea. And yes, I am in my other full length mirror for this photo, in the bathroom. I really need to get a full length mirror for my room. I mean, who wants bathroom shots? No one!

And that wraps up Photo 365 for this week. Want to see all the rest? Click here. Enjoy your Wednesday!!