DIY: Sweatshirt Remake

Do you have that one comfy cozy sweatshirt that you just can’t bear to get rid of no matter what its state? I do. Normally I don’t have a problem getting rid of clothes when I am done with them. In fact, I actually look forward to getting rid of stuff! But there is something about this particular sweatshirt that I just can’t part with. It was Jason’s before we ever got married and then somewhere along the way it became mine. It is ragged and old but I still like to wear it around the house. Here it is in all its glory:

See how the cuffs are coming off of the sleeves? I wore this thing to the ground! For whatever reason, I decided this crusty sweatshirt could be saved and remade. And I promptly took my scissors to it! First, I cut off all of the cuffs and most of the sleeves. Then, I turned it inside out and sewed up the sides to give it a new seam and make it a bit more fitted (this is a xlarge originally so it was always way too large).

Then, I cut off the excess. I ended up taking it in 6 inches on both sides! After doing this step I decided to cut all of the sleeves off. Since it’s still big, it looks like it has sleeves even though it doesn’t.

Then I decided to fashion a little pocket. And did I tell you my new and improved sweatshirt will now be worn inside out?

I sewed along the top of the pocket before adding it to the sweatshirt so it would have the stitch marks all the way around once it was in place.

I tried to get a self portrait with it on but I wasn’t too happy with it so I had Jason take a better photo for me.

Since I just finished it, I haven’t washed it yet but I can’t wait for that because then the raw edges will start to curl a little :)

The pocket serves two purposes. First, it’s cute. Second, it covers the stitched emblem that was original to the sweatshirt.

I think I have a new winner. I wonder if it will work out for me for another 15 years. What do you think?