DIY: Another Pinteresting Necklace

I have a lot of stuff going on these days and I find myself too busy to tackle some of the large projects that I want to get done. When busyness gets in the way, I still have a need to create and make things. I still want to make time to work with my hands and so I try and squeeze in little projects. Ever since the last Pinterest Challenge, I have been searching through my Pinterest boards looking for little, quick things I can make. Which brings me to today’s project: another necklace :)

You all know that I love to make things with stuff I already have on hand. So when I came across this photo, I had to pin it:

Pinned here. Found here.

I loved the idea of washers + ribbon = necklace. And I was pretty sure I even had both of those things :) I went downstairs and rummaged through our nails and screws and other odds and ends and came away with some washers. Happy girl! The tutorial was so great (with diagrams and everything!) that I didn’t make any changes except I used all the same size of washer instead of varying them (mostly because I could only find one size in my stash).

I chose a raw silk-like ribbon in bright yellow. I don’t really wear yellow much because it doesn’t look very good with my skin tone so to be able to add it in a fun accessory is just the ticket for me.

Pulling the ribbon through all of those washers made the edges fray but I was expecting that and I like it that way.

I can also wrap it around my wrist twice and use it as a bracelet. When I thought of that I just might have gotten even more excited about that prospect than the necklace idea :)

So there you have it, my little 10 minute project of the day. Now I just need to pick out an outfit I can wear it with!