DIY: Stripe Tray

Today I finished another quick project and technically this could also fall under a Pinterest challenge as well because I had the idea in my files there. This is probably one of my favorites yet that I have completed based on something I pinned. Are you ready to see the inspiration? Here you go:

Found here. Listed here. Pinned here.

Isn’t this such a gorgeous tray? I really love it! And so, I set out to make something similar!

I had this tray on hand:

It matches the smaller sized tray that I recently did a makeover on. I got the large one for 59 cents and the small one for 29 cents at Goodwill. It’s hard to pass up ugly-but-could-be-cool trays for that cheap so I brought both of them home with me. I wanted them to still be able to go together later if I ever felt like stacking them so I kept with the same gold and white theme. But when I saw the inspiration tray, I knew there had to be some stripes involved!

First, I sprainted the whole tray gold. Then after I let it dry really good, I taped off my pattern with blue tape:

Next, I sprainted it white. Again, I let it dry for a while and then I started peeling off the tape.

There are some imperfections here and there where some of the white seeped under the tape but on the whole, it looks awesome! I really like how it turned out. The only thing left is decide where to put it. I’m still not sure so I will just leave it on the table for now where I can admire it some more :)

Now I’m in the mood to spraint some more trays with different patterns and colors. It was so fun the first time, there is always room for more, right?