More Chalkboards, More Fall

Yesterday I mentioned that I decorated for fall… just a little. If I had more time I might have even added more fall elements to the house but I have been busy so I just have a little bit of decor :)

One thing I just added was a little bit of autumn to our dining room table. We have some friends who grow veggies almost year round in hydroponic towers. Just recently I acquired some bibb lettuce from them. When I brought it home I thought it was so pretty, I didn’t want to just stick it in the fridge. So, I added some water to a vase and stuck it in there on the table and now I’m using it as fall decoration :)

Because plants that you get from a hydroponic farm still have the root ball attached, I could potentially keep this for up to 3 months if it has a water source! Pretty cool huh? I’m not sure if it will last that long though because I have been nibbling on it :)

If you live in the area, you must check out the hydroponic farm. It’s called Glo-n-Gro and there are so many yummy veggies and herbs to choose from and it’s all organic. It’s wonderful to have a source for that kind of stuff almost year round. Especially since my little garden is dying down.

Okay, back to decorating…

To finish off my little display, I added some leaf doilies and a block of wood. Super simple and it adds some color to our dining room.

Another little thing I did this week was write on my chalkboard plates. Last year, I sprainted some plates with chalkboard paint and hung them in my dining room. I had always planned on writing on them but once they were hung, I liked them so much I didn’t do a thing to them. Here are the plates as they were:

For those of you wondering, I hung them with 3m mounting tape.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I got the new West Elm catalog and they had some Thanksgiving plates that I loved and they ended up being the inspiration for drawing on my plates. Here is the WE inspiration:

Since I was hand-drawing mine in chalk, they didn’t turn out quite this cool but I still like them :)

I tried to draw a corn like WE’s :) I never said I was an artist, ha ha! Plus, either my chalk is bunk or drawing with chalk is hard! I couldn’t keep a solid line going and I had to keep going back over it. I’m really thinking of getting some chalk markers. They are so much easier!

It’s nothing dramatic, but I like my little bits of fall decor. There is just one more thing I would like to make, something I saw on Pinterest. I will see if I have an opportunity to make it and then my fall decor will be complete!

What about you? Do you decorate for every holiday or do you stick to just one?