Photo 365: 10.19.11 – 10.25.11

I have some more Instagram photos to share with you. I had an idea for a theme but then I forgot to follow through with it and just started taking random photos, I’m not sure why :) So I think I will go back to the original theme I had planned on for next week :) Having a theme is good for me, it helps keep me on track.

Here is a little fact about me. I have a love/hate relationship with the spelling of my name. I like it because it is a little different spin on a common name but yet not so ridiculous that it seems weird. And yet, no one ever spells my name correctly (case in point: the photo above!). It doesn’t really annoy me that it gets misspelled so often it’s just that there is always the dilemma of when to correct someone or when to let it go. Usually I just let it go, it doesn’t really matter does it? It probably only matters for things like taxes and opening a bank account :) Anyone out there have this problem? How often do you correct people? Does it annoy you when it gets misspelled? Or how about those with a common spelling? Do you like it or do you think it’s boring?

As I mentioned, I painted at the church on Friday. Here I am, in my painting clothes ready to go. We (me + my mom) got a lot done too. When it is all completed, I will show photos.

Even though it is now fall, we had a beautiful semi warm day yesterday and so I was in the mood for yellow. I slipped on my yellow shoes and instantly felt cheery. Then I went into the guest bathroom and snapped a photo since the yellows went so well together.

I am immensely enjoying fall, it’s my favorite season. Anyone else a lover of all things autumn?

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