Photo 365: Vacation Style

Even before I started Photo 365, I loved to take self portraits. Sometimes, this is the only way I am in pictures. Since I am usually the one behind the camera, I rarely am in the photos we have. Which is why I take self portraits. To document that I was, in fact, there :)

Today I thought I would share with you some of the self portraits from our vacation. Many of them are Jason and me together but there are a few sprinkled in of just me.

We started our trip off with a little instragram self portrait. We took this right before we hopped in the car for our 8 hour drive.

The first day we were there it poured down rain. Thankfully that was the only day like that!

I love walking pictures. I have a few more of these coming :)

Here we are waiting for our tour of Charleston to begin.

On the carriage tour. Jason’s brother and girlfriend are sitting next to us.

Here we are at Fort Sumter. It was a very interesting place. And so sad, I’m not sure why we are smiling :)

Out and about…

We spent a little time at the beach. Just the two of us :)

I didn’t plan it but I love the colors that I wore to the beach. And stripes are also a bonus.

It was windy!

This is probably one of my favorites. I love that the wind is blowing my hair and it looks so candid.

Even in our shadows the wind is blowing my hair!!

I was so proud of us. We ran every single day we were there except for the last day and that is because we had to leave at 5:00 AM. The photo above is us running.

I took a little nature walk one evening to capture some of the beauty of the island. I captured myself while I was at it :) And I ended up with 12 mosquito bits from 20 minutes of nature walking. Bummer.

We found ourselves at the beach again when we took family photos. I will share those later.

We took the family photos right before sundown and it was the most gorgeous night. I couldn’t get enough.

I look dorky when I laugh and so I almost didn’t post this picture. But hey, I’m trying to be bold!

Are we cool or what?!

On our last full day there, we went for a walk around Charleston. I grabbed some shots along the way.

We walked along the boardwalk. It was a really beautiful day and perfect for strolling along.

See? More walking photos!

We also ate lunch overlooking a marina. It was beautiful. It couldn’t have been a better vacation.

More of the marina.

When we are on vacation we have Starbucks pretty much every day. On the way home (remember we had to leave at 5:00 AM), we had Starbucks twice. Hey, we’ve got to stay awake for an 8 hour drive somehow! This is the last shot I took, instagram style, at the Starbucks on our way home.

And that concludes our vacation in self portraits. See all of photo 365 here.