Inspiration From Vacation

I love vacations. Is there anyone who doesn’t? It’s so wonderful to take time to get away and do something out of the ordinary. When I come home from vacation I usually feel refreshed and ready to take on the world. Or at least my little corner of the world :) We just got home from our vacation on Sunday night and we had such a great time. While I am still getting myself back into the swing of things, I thought I would share a little bit this week about our vacation.

For our time away, we headed to Charleston, South Carolina and spent a week there with Jason’s family. It is a place I have always wanted to go to and I loved it. It was even better than I thought which is always a good thing right? While we spent most of our days in Charleston, we actually stayed outside of the city on Kiawah Island. Kiawah is a seriously beautiful place. I wouldn’t mind going back :)

Kiawah is full of beautiful wildlife and while it does have a gorgeous beach, the island is also very marshy. Because it is a resort community, there are lots and lots of large homes. We rented a 3500 square foot house so we could all stay together and the house we stayed in was small compared to many of the houses on the island. Today I thought I would show you some of the house we saw.

One afternoon Jason and I went on a drive and I took pictures out of the car window at some of these homes. I actually couldn’t even photograph the really large homes because they were a bit more private with trees surrounding them.  But I did get some pics. I have always loved driving around neighborhoods, looking at houses. My Mom and I love to do this together. I hope you enjoy it somewhat because here we go!

We had a beautiful day while we were driving around. I love to see all of the palm trees since I have never lived in a place with them. A lot of the homes were this style with the shingle siding and white trim.

I took this photo because of the steps. See what is growing on it? It’s some sort of Japanese creeping fig. Apparently it is better than ivy because it doesn’t damage the brick. Now I would really like some for my brick, I love how it looks!

All of these homes are built up because there is potential for flooding. It makes the houses look that much bigger because then they all feel like they are 3 stories… or more!

Just looking at these homes makes it feel like a vacation doesn’t it?

Lots of pretty tropical landscaping.

Many of these houses had glass front doors and you could see in through the front and out the back windows. I love that!

This one is a little obscured but it was so pretty I took a photo anyway. These houses all looked out onto the marshes or golf courses. Kiawah Island has 5 golf courses! The PGA will be having a tournament at one of them next year.

Impressive, huh? How I wish I could sneak inside some of these and see what the inside is like!

I love all the windows!

Did you enjoy this little tour? All of these houses were from just one street. There were way too many to take photos of them all. Did you have a favorite?

Has anyone else reading this been to Kiawah Island? If not, I would definitely recommend it! Tomorrow I will share with you some Photo 365: vacation style :)