DIY: Rug Pillow

A pillow? From a rug? Are you crazy? No, I not. And I didn’t come up with this myself. I’m not sure where I first saw this idea but Martha has done it and I saw it here and also another really cool one here. So while I didn’t come up with the concept, I thought I would share it with you just in case you haven’t seen it done yet.

Since I have been working on my guest room, I knew I wanted some large pillows for the bed. While we were at Ikea a few weeks ago, I saw these rugs and remembered someone had turned them into pillows.

A genius idea and so I promptly decided to steal it. Best of all, the rugs are only $3.99! I grabbed two of them and took them home with me.

I didn’t follow any of the tutorials, I just made my own up along as I went. First, I went to the fabric store and got some fabric for the back. At $3 for the fabric makes the grand total of this project only $11. Not too shabby!

I created a pillow case by sewing the fabric onto the back on just three sides. I decided not to cut the rugs because I really wanted to keep the fringe. So even though these are a little larger than a regular pillow, I decided to make it work. I think I will go to the store though and buy king sized pillows to make them fill out a little more. The reason I didn’t for these pictures is because I literally finished this project and took photos about 30 minutes before Jason’s parents arrived! There was no time to run to the store :)

The cool thing about this method of making them into pillows is I can always use them as a rug later on down the line. They still lie flat so I can just flip them over and they will work just fine.

I really love the texture they add to the bed.

At first I was unsure if I would like the off white with the whiteness of the duvet but I actually really like it. I think it adds some depth to the bed ensemble.

Are you now a fan of turning rugs into pillows? Especially at Ikea’s unbeatable prices. It makes it tempting to try it even if you don’t have a place to use them :) If you have tried this, send me links! I want to see :)