Photo 365: 10.05.11 – 10.11.11

I hope you guys aren’t sick of my instagram photos because that is all you are going to get for today! It’s too easy and I find myself using it as my go to for my photo 365 pics. Plus, it is a novelty for me right now so I’m going to keep doing it until I’m sick of it. Besides, as long as I’m getting my photo in for the day, it is progress in my book! Here we go :)

At the bank. I love the colors of this one. For some reason the buttons and the yellow post just does it for me :)

Jason’s parents arrived! Yay! We have been having fun already!

It was a gorgeous day, the kind without a cloud in sight. As we were walking into Walmart I snapped a photo.

This is where I had been hanging out before vacation. At my computer, trying to get things done. Thankfully, I got most of it done :)

What will this next week hold? We shall find out!

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