Before & After: Sprainting The Legs

You know how I just finished my little chair slipcover project? Well, after I got done with it, I felt it needed one more thing. The legs.

I love the legs on this chair. They are perfect mid mod legs. But, they definitely had some wear and tear. That part I didn’t like so much.

I decided they neede a little sprucing up. What’s a girl to do? Spraint of course! I took those babies outside and gave them a quick shot of spraint.

I used Krylon oil rubbed bronze since it is one of my favorites and, even better, I already had some on hand. First I applied some blue painters tape to the bottom of them just so paint wouldn’t get on that part and then I fired away.

See, so much better. It’s not really a dramatic difference in photos but in person you can really tell. Those beat up legs look nice now and I’m asking myself why I didn’t do it a long time ago! New slipcover, new legs. It’s practically a new chair!

Have you guys done any sprainting (spraint: spray + paint) lately? I have recently done another little sprainting project that I will show you later this week. Stay tuned!!