Photo 365: 09.21.11 – 09.27.11

You would think that after missing a week of posting for Photo 365 that I would have a bunch of self portraits to share. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Taking self portraits while the gang was here was not on my list of things to do and since they have left, I have jumped right into another busy week. Thankfully, I have my iPhone and I snap photos from time to time when I think about it. Otherwise, in the midst of the busyness, no photos would ever get taken :)

I’m really glad there is only 3 months of this year left because I am getting tired of the project and losing inspiration. I need more self portrait ideas. Anyone have any?! I might get desperate and revisit some themes I have already done :) But for now, here is a photo from this past week taken with my iPhone:

Isn’t all lovely and green this time of year? I love fall :) And although I know it’s not safe, putting my feet on the dash is just so comfortable. I promise, I don’t do it very often :)

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