Family Fun

As I have said previously, I had family in town for the last 10 days. Two of my Mom’s sisters and a cousin of mine came for a visit and we had so much fun together. When you get 5 girls together you can’t help but have fun! We pretty much just shopped ’til we dropped. After that much shopping, I find myself with all sorts of ideas of things I would like to do around the house. See, shopping is good because it is inspirational :)

Most of the photos I took with my iPhone because that’s what I had on me all the time. So first of all, here is a photo of the girls:

Kellie, Joni, Sheri, Kali, and Dori. I love it that we are all pretty much the same height :)

First, we took the thrifting world by storm and we definitely had some adventures while at it. We also found some good stuff. Here is my Mom with one of her treasures:

Here’s a little secret, we get a little crazy when we are together and we do some things that are silly as these next few photos will show. These are still from our thrifting days:

My cousin Kali and me. When you see hats like these, you have to try them on :)

My aunt Joni thought this scarf that we found at Goodwill made for a good photo opportunity.

This one cracks me up. And I probably will get shot by my mother for posting this. But it captures the spirit of our time together :)

My Mom used my idea from Christmas time when I had a candy bar. It was definitely a big hit. This only shows a portion of it but there was lots of candy. And pretty much all of it was gone by the end of the vacation :) That might account for our craziness. We were all on a sugar high. Then again, maybe we are just crazy.

We also spent 2 days in Atlanta and there were so many wonderful stores that we went to. While there we had to go to West Elm because it is my favorite store and we saw this cool book display. See, shopping IS inspirational, just like I said!!

We also spent time in Ikea. My aunts and cousin are from Idaho and they don’t have an Ikea there so they had never been to one. We spent 4 hours there! I had no idea anyone could last in an Ikea for that long :) Our previous record when it was just my Mom and I was three hours. We killed our previous record! While wandering around for 4 hours, I found some cool stuff:

While it’s a bit country for me, I liked these two shelving units on display. I loved all the stuff they had on them too.

I also loved this pillow. And it was only $10! One of the best parts about it was the texture. Looking back on these pictures makes me wish I had bought it :)

I really love the shape of this paper lantern and it’s only $13. Not bad! Now I just need to find a place to use it so I can go back and buy it!

This is supposed to be for laundry but I think it would make a better trash can. Isn’t it cool? Besides, who wants to try and stuff jeans down that little opening?

The night we stayed in Atlanta, we had a bit of an adventure. The people in the room directly above us sounded like they were having an all out knock down fight. There were loud crashing noises and yelling all. night. long. Why do they put people directly above you when the rest of the hotel is basically empty? We called to the front desk but nothing was achieved by that so we just had to suffer through it. Luckily, I had ear plugs so I was able to sleep. When we walked down to the parking lot the next morning we saw this car parked right next to us and we were pretty sure these were our upstairs neighbors :) We had a good laugh over that one!

Cousins in the car :)

We also got to celebrate my aunt’s birthday while they were here. We celebrated by (more) shopping and eating at Urban Stack in Chattanooga. I had been wanting to try out this new restaurant and so it was the perfect excuse and it was tasty! So tasty that I can’t wait to take Jason there sometime.

My aunt Dori did a birthday dance for my aunt Joni :) It was very entertaining!

Another funny story. My aunt Dori loves the show Teen Mom. She kept saying she wanted to see Maci (one of the girls on the show) while we were in Chattanooga since that is where she lives. We were trying to explain that Chattanooga isn’t just a little town and the odds of seeing her were next to nil. And then guess what? We actually saw Maci. At a home improvement store of all places. And my aunt went up and talked to her. It was so funny and it totally made her day!

That pretty much sums up our fun vacation. Well it was more of a staycation for me since I was home most of the time except for the two days in Atlanta. After seeing these pics I bet everyone wishes they could hang out with us. We look like a lot of fun, don’t we?!