DIY: Napkin Pillows

Wow! I had no idea last week that I would end up taking the whole week off. I was having so much fun with my aunts and cousin here that I didn’t have any time to blog let alone make anything to blog about! Although it was unplanned, it was very enjoyable to have a little blogging break. Maybe even needed because now I feel super charged and ready to go! Hopefully tomorrow I can gather myself together enough to blog a little about our fun shopping adventures.

Onto today’s project. I know that I have made napkins pillows before. It’s nothing new really. It’s just that I made some for the guest room and they are so cute I can’t wait to show you!

During our shopping extravaganza, I found some super cute napkins at Anthropologie. Take a look:

You can buy them here. When I saw them, I knew they were exactly what I wanted for the guest room. I knew I needed to bring some more red into the room and I wanted something a little bit girly since the rest of the room doesn’t have any frill. I was also hoping to use pink and red together in this room and the pillows have both of those colors. The addition of green and blue made them perfect, just the color combination I wanted. And a bonus, at $6 a piece, they made for pretty inexpensive pillows.

Once I returned home, I dug in my fabric stash to see what I could use for the backing and found some off white velvet that was perfectly fabulous. I love me some velvet. Then I just sewed them together and stuffed them into some pillow forms I already had. Super simple!! I wanted to keep the little corner tassels so I sewed on the outside of the napkins, a first for me :)

Pretty cute, right?

I really love these two fabrics together. And they feel just a bit vintage which is just the look I am going for!

The little tassels are my favorite part!

I also bought something interesting at Ikea to make some large pillows as well. I’m looking forward to getting a start on that project too. Before you know it, this room will be all put together, just the way it should be!

Have you guys done any fun projects in my absence? I have quite a few things I’m working on right now and I like it that way! It makes me feel productive, even if I’m not :)