The Power Of Paint

I have a quick little transformation to show you today that comes from my Mom’s house. Are you ready for some DIY inspiration?!

I am not the only one who frantically rearranges before guests come for a visit. My parents do it too, only more so. They had about 2 weeks to get things ready before our visitors came and they decided to update 2 bathrooms at the same time. This involved new toilets, sinks, tiling, and painting. Yes, they are ambitious. But you know what? They got it done. And that includes my Dad doing all the plumbing himself at the last minute because the plumber didn’t show up. They are amazing.

One of the projects they did was a new sink for one of the bathrooms. This bathroom was still in all of its 1950’s glory with blue tile and pink everything else (toilet, sink, and tub). It was lovely (not). So while they were trying to decide what to replace things with while staying on a budget I noticed a sink cabinet for free on the side of the road and mentioned it to my Mom. She wanted to see it so we walked across the street. She thought it had potential so we hauled it home. Here it is before:

Because they were so busy getting everything else ready I volunteered Mom bribed me into painting it for her. It actually came with the sink too but at this point I had already taken it off. After 5 coats of paint, here is the after:

Not bad for something free huh?

The funny thing is that it was in the house of the next door neighbor previously. So Mom invited them over to see the bathroom not telling them that she had transformed their old cabinet. They were shocked but they loved it. They might have even wish they had kept it themselves :)

Cute little knobs too :)

So there you have it, a free transformation (except for the knobs). Someday I will have to show you the before photos of this bathroom because it was atrocious!! Thankfully, it’s better now. Good job Mom and Dad!!!