Update: Guest Bedroom

You all know how I like to change things around in my house frequently. That’s why surprising that I haven’t changed anything in the guest bedroom since 2007! Even though I haven’t changed anything in there, I have had the itch. So, when at the beginning of the year I rearranged my living room and moved the armoire to the guest bedroom, I decided it was a perfect time for a change… That was about 9 months ago and up until yesterday, the only thing I had accomplished was moving the armoire and stripping it down to bare bones. Pretty pathetic.

See, I work best on a deadline. This time the deadline is, as I mentioned yesterday, my cousin and two aunts are coming for a visit. My cousin will be staying with us and so I thought it was high time to get this guest room in order. Just a refresher, here is a photo of what it used to look like:

The picture doesn’t show much but it was the only one I could find. Anyway, you get the idea. And now, here are some after shots:

There are still a lot of similarities but I love how just changing a few accessories makes it feel so different. I still have a bunch of things I would like to do to this room but since I only had a couple of hours to put it together, I just used what I had on hand. First thing to go was I painted over the chandelier (a couple of months ago). I was getting really tired of it and it had to go :)

I love the paintings. I borrowed them from my Mom for now until I find some of my own. I replaced the old window covering with the one shown above that I got at Ikea. I would still like to add some curtains on either side to frame the window. I also would like to nix the bed skirt and instead have covers for the box springs so it feels all tucked in.

The wool blanket I got at a thrift store for $2. The pillow on the bed used to be in the living room but this room is now its temporary home. The chair was a recent score for $2 and eventually I will use the new old end table I thrifted but it is not ready yet. Another thrifted find is the accordion coat rack.

And on this side of the room, the armoire. I keep some clothes in there since not everything fits in my room so it’s actually really nice to have because the closet is still available for guests.

I found 3 chalkboard placemats while thrifting once and I’m so glad I bought them. They sure come in handy! I decided I needed something for this wall and so I rested it on two nails and then taped it to the wall on the backside. I found this saying on pinterest and drew it on the chalkboard.

The painting was also a thrift store find which I borrowed from my family room. The floor lamp is actually what I use to take photos for every jot & tittle and I thought it worked in here plus I needed a lamp for that side of the room :) Gotta use what you got!

And lastly, the little nightstand. This nightstand used to be in my bedroom way back in the day and it has just hung out in various places since then before finding a home in here. The little owl on the bottom shelf was a thrifted gift from my Mom. Isn’t it cute?!

So there is the speedy version of this room. As I mentioned, I still have lots of things to do in here. I would like to paint and hang a chandelier. I would like to remove the headboard because I have other ideas. And I would like to add some pattern. This works for now as the in-between stage and it’s not so bad considering I only had a couple of hours and I only used what I had at home. What do you think? Any change ups at your house lately?