Inspire Me

Every once in a while I like to let you all in on my inspiration secrets. Today I thought I would share a few blog I have been enjoying recently in hopes that you will be as inspired as I am!

Just last week I stumbled across Emmadime. It’s a fantastic blog for pretty pictures. I have been enjoying looking through the archives. You also have to take a look at her design portfolio, it’s lovely. Here’s a couple fun photos from her blog:

Another one I’ve been taking in is Middle Child Complex. So many pretty photos and a great mix between fashion and home related photos. Another bonus (at least for me) is it’s her tumblr feed so it’s all photos and not a lot to read. I like that because you can zoom through all the loveliness!

Odessa May Society is also another place where I lose track of time perusing. Gorgeous pictures and beautifully curated. One of my favorite features is her wishlists. The one I have shown below is her wishlist for an imaginary kitchen. Really pretty, right?

You have also got to check out Black.White.Yellow. How can you go wrong with that color combination?

And one last one for today is Ledansla. One thing I love about this blog is all of her photos are her own. While I love collections gathered from different sources, it’s always nice to see a blog where everything is original. She has really pretty photos, you must check it out!

I hope those blogs give you something to read for a little while :) Enjoy them, but you might want to read one at a time or you will find yourself sitting at the computer for hours!

What about you? Have you found any blogs worth mentioning lately? If so, leave the names and links in the comments. I always love a new blog :)