The Church: Ikat Stenciled Wall

Since I have been talking about the ikat stenciled wall for the last couple of posts I figured I should show it to you now that I am finished! I have done a stencil before in our living room and it wasn’t that hard. This stencil however, was more challenging and I’m glad it’s over with! But it looks great so it was worth the extra effort. Here is a glimpse of the newly stenciled wall at our church:

I purchased the stencil from Olive Leaf Stencils and I think it is a really cool design. What made it tricky was it is very intricate so where some of the shapes connect, they were flimsy and didn’t want to stay against the wall. I ended up using removable spray adhesive on the back of the stencil and that definitely helped but the method still wasn’t perfect. The part around the drinking fountains was especially tricky because the stencil is very large and was hard to bend around it get in all the tight spaces. I don’t think I would recommend this stencil if you have never stenciled anything before but I guess you have to learn sometime :)

I love this view. When you can see the doorway framing it in. It’s funny because the wall color in the hallway is the same wall color at the background (light gray) of the stenciled wall but because of the lighting, it looks like a totally different color. In person, it is a greige. The background color is Anew Gray, the stencil color is Warm Stone, and the trim color is black fox, all from Sherwin Williams.

And one last view, from the entryway. You actually enter the building in through the left side but this was the best angle to get the photo of the stenciled wall.

Now that I have the stencil, I’m dreaming up other projects to use it for. At Amber Interiors, she used it to make curtains. At Design Sponge, they used an ikat stencil to make a pillow. They actually made the stencil too, you might want to try that instead of forking over $60. I also saw a homemade stencil on Twice Inspired where they used it for napkins. Oh, and here are some more drapes using a different ikat stencil. And, at Cutting Edge Stencils, they have another ikat pattern you might want to try. You see? These things are just everywhere. I have a feeling by the time I am done with this stencil, I will have ikat coming out of my ears :)

Happy Monday!!