DIY: Guest Bathroom Wall

Okay, so I changed my mind. Remember when I chose this pattern to draw on the walls in my guest bathroom? And then I actually got started? I sort of changed my mind. It was taking a lot longer to draw that pattern than I thought and I knew I would have to go back and fill it in even after I traced it. So yesterday, I painted over and started a new, easier pattern since I still really wanted something on the wall. What pattern did I go with? One of my favorites… zig zags!

Are you tired of seeing chevron everywhere yet? Surprisingly, I’m not. I still really like it. So I decided to just go ahead and do it. After all, once I grow tired of it, it only takes a short time to paint over a wall that small. It’s worth it, right? Instead of a bold, in-your-face kind of chevron, I went the more subtle route. Here is a peek:

I used a template I made out of cardstock and a silver paint pen to trace it onto the wall. It’s not perfect but I actually didn’t want it to be. I originally thought about doing it by hand so it would have a more organic feel but then I started envisioning stripes going crazy and I decided it would be better to have some sort of template.

I like that some of the lines are thicker than others.

I have used these pens before for my hallway and I didn’t have any trouble. For some reason, this time, they weren’t working as well for me. The first half, they worked great and I moved quickly. Then they started acting up (I had 3 pens) and I couldn’t get any of them to cooperate. So the second half took me much longer and it has a bunch more imperfections. Oh well, it looks kinda cool that way. Maybe I will just have to add more imperfections to the other side to make it even :)

And one last shot with me in it :) I just finished working out in this shot so you will have to excuse my attire and freaky hair!

I have been spiffing up a lot of walls this week. As I mentioned, I’m also working on a ikat stencil at church and so I am off to go finish today. Then I might take a break from walls for a bit :) Enjoy your  weekend, do something creative and fun!!