DIY: Painted Guitar

My love for sprainting things stops at nothing :) I recently hung a shelf at church in the entryway. I needed a few things to add to it to fill the space and just this past week I found the perfect item at a thrift store:

It’s a child sized guitar that had seen better days and it was only $15. I knew that it was the perfect item to add to my shelf. Sometime I have a harder time decorating at church because I don’t want it to feel like a home and yet I want it to feel welcoming and somewhat decorated as opposed to blank and boring. So when I found the guitar I was excited. There was only one problem… I didn’t like the color. Plus, it had a really shiny finish that I also didn’t like. And this is where the sprainting part comes in.

I mean really, what does it matter if I paint a $15 guitar? Right? My Mom thought it was a good idea too :)

I used Krylon Camouflage paint in olive green. I really love the color and it came in ultra-flat which is what I wanted.

Just in case anyone wonders, for the shelf, I bought the brackets at Ikea for $4 each and the shelf for $11 at Lowes. The pound sign was from the thrift store along with the National Geographics. The fake plant and the giraffe are from TJ Maxx. I’m really liking how it turned out. I still am planning to hang something on the wall under the shelf and I have a plan but it is still in the works :) It’s coming together though, and looking better all the time!

Have you spray painted anything crazy lately or am I the only one? And a guitar isn’t too crazy, is it?!