Photo 365: 08.31.11 – 09.06.11

Normally, I would be posting Photo 365 today but this week, the photos were kind of boring. At least I think they are which means you probably would too. So, instead, I thought I would post about how we spent our Saturday. I kept the title at Photo 365 because I will include the self portrait from Saturday. See how tricky I am?!

Saturday was our 12th anniversary. Every time we celebrate another year I can’t believe how much time has gone by. On the one hand, I hardly remember what it is like to not be married. On the other hand, these last 12 years have gone by in a blink. I love being married and I’m super thankful for my wonderful husband. It feels pretty good to still be able to say that after 12 years!

We don’t always celebrate our anniversary. Sometimes we just give each other a card and that’s it. I think the key is to know what the other is expecting from the actual day so no one gets their feelings hurt. This year we decided to spend the day together and just enjoy being with each other. We wanted to go somewhere close so we wouldn’t be driving all day but we didn’t want to go somewhere we always go (like Atlanta). So we decided on Knoxville. Not so glamorous but we haven’t really spent anytime there and it’s only an hour away so we thought it would be fun to explore. Here are some photos of our day…

We always start off trips with a self portrait in the car. This one isn’t so great but someday I want to do a little scrapbook of all of our car self portraits. I love them.

Our first stop was the French Market Creperie for lunch. I did my homework before we left and chose a couple of places that sounded good to eat. Crepes? Yes, please :) And they were really tasty. They have sweet and savory crepes. I chose a goat cheese and walnut and Jason chose ham and cheese. We were both happy. I must have really been enjoying my crepe because this is the only photo I took in there. Silly me :)

Next we headed across the street to Yee-Haw Industries, a letterpress shop. They have tours of their presses and lots of fun stuff to buy. Someday I would love to learn to letterpress so this was fun for me to see.

See how excited I was?! And I thought this poster was perfect with it being our anniversary and all :)

I’m sure Jason is just as excited as I am but it looks like he is keeping it under control :)

On Saturday there was a Volunteer game which made this whole area really busy. But for me, that was part of the fun, watching people out and about. The game didn’t actually start until the evening so thankfully we were there around lunch time.

Just some more street scenes…

I loved this sign for this market selling local bison. Maybe we have that around here as well but I never see it advertised. Have you ever had a bison burger? I have before and I loved it!

The next place we walked to was Coffee & Chocolate. Another place I found online before we left home and I knew we had to try it. Just the name alone makes me want to go. Coffee and Chocolate ? Two of my favorite things!

Funny enough, we went for dessert and we didn’t get coffee or chocolate. Instead we shared a creme brulee. Yummy!

I’m just as excited about this as I was about letterpress :)

And once again, Jason plays it cool!

After our super tasty dessert, we walked around Market Square where there are tons more restaurants and a farmers market.

Even though I was super stuffed from my crepe and creme brulee, all the food places still looked amazing and I definitely want to come back to try some more.

I love being in places like this where there is a lot of activity going on. It so fun to be a part of it!

After Market Square, we went and did a little shopping and after grabbing a Starbucks, we headed home. It was a fun day mostly because we just got to be together with no other agenda. But we didn’t leave without grabbing one last self portrait, a reflection of the two of us :)

What about you guys? Do you celebrate your anniversaries elaborately or simply? After Saturday, it makes me wish anniversaries came around more often :)