DIY: Color Block Belt

Awhile ago, I came across a super cool belt that I thought I could diy. So I did :) I can’t find the original image but I think I saw it at Madewell. Basically, the belt was wrapped in different color embroidery floss. Sounds simple right?

First, I had to hunt for a belt. A few weeks ago, I came home with this belt from the thrift store for only a quarter:

I knew I wanted a skinny belt and I wanted it to fit around my waist not my hips. So, it was the right size, color, style and price! Here is the finished product:

First, I chose 4 colors of floss. I started with light pink and wrapped it around the belt once and tied it in the back. Then I just kept wrapping until I had enough light pink. You will want to push the thread together to make it tight as you are going so you don’t see the belt through the thread.

To switch colors, I tied the new color to the old color on the backside in a knot and snipped off the excess of the old color. Then I held down the raw ends on the back so my new color would cover them up as I wrapped the thread around. Here is a shot of the back, you can see all my little knots.

I didn’t want the blocks of color to be all the same length so I varied how much thread I used for each block. I did keep the same color pattern going but you could also mix it up if you wanted.

The above photo shows how I ended it. After I finished wrapping, I tied a knot with the last color and then tucked the knot under the last wrap. I’m sure you could also glue it but knots seemed to work well for me.

And there you have it! My super swanky new belt. I actually found the embroidery floss at the thrift store as well so this whole project only cost 65 cents. Not too shabby. I used the whole skein for all four colors of thread, so, for a larger or longer belt you will probably need more.

Like I said, I have had this project in mind for a while and then just last week I came across this post with the same idea for a bangle. And, I found a headband with the same idea. I also think it would be cute to do the same thing to some purse straps to liven up a boring bag. Oh the possibilities! Even better, it’s a pretty brainless task so you can do it while you are watching T.V.