Photo 365: 08.17.11 – 08.23.11

I have another round of reflection pictures for you. And do you know what? It still didn’t rain. I still didn’t get my shot of my reflection in a puddle. Oh well, I guess I can wait for another rainy day :) I still enjoyed capturing myself in reflections and I got at least one shot that I really like. I will show it to you first:

50mm, 100 ISO, f/2.0, 1/50

Since I am at home a lot, I don’t get many of my self portraits out of the house. I think that is why I like this one, because the scenery is different than usual. I picked Jason up from work one day and snapped this photo in the reflection of the shop. I love how many layers you can see. Inside the shop, me, and the buildings behind me. Fun, fun!

50mm, 400 ISO, f/2.8, 1/50

I am so tricky with this shot. Okay, not really but but this is a reflection in a reflection. I should score more points for that one, right?! This is also taken in my bathroom. I wonder how many photos I have taken in my bathroom now. A lot I think. I will have to do some stats at the end of the year with crazy stuff like this.

50mm, 1600 ISO, f/2.8, 1/50

This shot, while not a very exciting one, was actually kind of challenging. I had picked up my phone to check a text that I had just received and saw my face in there so I tried to get a photo of it. It was really hard to get the reflection in focus and not my hand (while balancing the camera one-handed against my shoulder and not looking through the view finder). So challenging was this that I didn’t ever really get it. So I settled with having my hand in focus. What more can you ask for anyway?!

Since I noticed that I rarely leave my house to take photos, my new challenge for this week is to take all of my self portraits outside of my home. Not in my backyard, driveway, or even street but an actual different location. That’s going to be tough. That means I will have to carry my camera with me everywhere and feel like an idiot when I take a portrait of myself at Walmart. I might even end up on the People of Walmart blog. Wouldn’t that be something…