Bedroom Update: Curtains

I haven’t posted about my bedroom in quite some time. It has pretty much stayed the same as the last time I showed it to you. Not that there aren’t things to do in there, I just haven’t been doing them :) I have been focusing my efforts in other places of the house.

One thing I have been wanting to put in there was curtains. When I took out the dining room curtains and replaced them, I thought the old ones would look nice in the bedroom but I never got around to putting them up. Yesterday I guess I was in the mood because up they went! Here is a shot to remind you of the sad, curtain-less state the bedroom was in:

I had a good start but the lack of curtains really makes it seem blah. MUST. HAVE. CURTAINS!

Yay! Much better. What do you think? There are a couple of other differences in the room, can you spot them? In the new picture we have our summer coverlet on the bed. I actually like the darkness of it which surprises me because I thought I would like the white better. But, I’m thinking it’s too brown (we have had it for a long time and it matched what we had previously). I think I might attempt to dye it dark gray or black. I have never tried dying anything before so it will be an experience but I want to try. Have you ever dyed anything? Any tips?

Another difference is the pillows. I have been using the black and white stripes and the chevron pillow in the living room lately. We don’t normally put all these pillows on our bed everyday anyway, so I didn’t mind them being down there. But when I went to take this photo I realized how much I needed them. I just might have to make some new ones for the living room so the bedroom can have its pillows back :) It’s nice to know that I can switch them up and interchange them with other rooms though.

Do you want to know something? Yesterday I was in the mood to hang these curtains but I didn’t have a curtain rod. What I did have was a flag pole (I’m using the flag that goes on it in the library right now). It works great for a curtain rod in a pinch :) Plus, that made this whole project free. My favorite!

One of my favorite parts… the elephants. A friend gave these curtain holders to me and I am in love with them. Who can resist a brass elephant?! I actually have one more that I didn’t need so I might use it as a hook somewhere else.

Another small change which you might have noticed yesterday in Photo 365 is I added flowers to the console. Previously, these flowers had been in the dining room until I added my neon lamp and then they didn’t work anymore. So they now have a new home in the bedroom.

And that’s it for today. I’ve still got things to do in there but that’s what makes it fun. As I’ve mentioned, I like change so getting things done here and there is more fun for me than getting things done all at once. If my whole house was done, what would I do with myself? I would probably be bored :) Yep, I’d better take things slow…