Mixing Up The Living Room

Yesterday I talked about making small changes to my house and how they bring a smile to my face. I mean, who doesn’t love a quick and cheap fix from decorating boredom? Today, I tackled another small change: I rearranged the living room.

I wasn’t planning on doing it. It’s just this morning when I walked by the room I thought it would be cool to put the black chair on a different wall. And one thing led to another and all of the sudden it was in a different order. I kept all of the same items in the room, they are just placed differently.

I don’t have a full room overview of how it looked before because lately I have just been taking photos of what is new. But here is how the living room looked when I first rearranged it last time (and got my new old couch and such) which was in January:

And here is what it looks like as of today:

Peeking in from the hallway.

Another peek…

Do you like it? I do. I think it’s my favorite arrangement. But then again, I always say that every time I change things. Change is good in my book :)

I did add a new pillow to the room. I used the blue velvet I found at the thrift store. I feels luxurious and I really like it. Plus, I used a down insert so it is nice to snuggle with too. I love how it brings the deep blue that is in the painting into the rest of the space.

I also brought in the yellow lamp. It’s kind of fun to have a pop of yellow over there even though it’s not neon :) But you can see the neon lamp in the background as well.

Do you know what’s funny? I can clearly remember coming home from school when I was young and something would be rearranged. Even now, I can go visit my parents and the house will be different from the last time I was there. I’m not surprised that I take after my Mom in this area. Besides, it has been 8 whole months since the last time I changed it. That is a long time :)

I also love how my cow floor pillows are a little bit more prominent now. Before they were just kind of shoved behind the chair. Now you can see them right when you walk into the room.

Yellow lamp + zig zag pillow + mid mod chair + sheepskin = love!

This side of the room hasn’t changed much. Although I did add the green ottoman. I think it gives it a nice pop of color.

So that is my new arrangement. What do you think? Do you like it better now or before. And tell me, do you rearrange rooms often? If not, you should try it sometime. It’s immensely satisfying!

And that, my friends, is how it’s done :) Have a great weekend everyone!