Master Bath Changes

Remember yesterday when I said I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to do anything? Well, it’s good I took a day off to relax because today I woke up ready to tackle the whole world. I had paint colors in mind and fabric swatches and just wanted to get out there and do something. What can I say? Usually, I’m a girl on the go :) So, the first challenge I took on was a small project in the master bathroom.

Small changes are good. When I get bored with how things are around the house I try to think of something small that I can change. Usually, I just move things from one room to another which creates a solution to my boredom and it’s free! The little small change that I made today just makes me want to do more :)

So here is the story… I have been running out of space for my nail polish and wanted a place to display it in the bathroom so I could easily see all of the pretty colors. Since the bathroom is not huge, I didn’t have any extra wall space lying around that would be perfect for displaying it. What to do? Rearrange! Here is the space before:

I had the bird art which I made from stretching a tea towel over a frame and the train rack next to the sink. Since the train rack doubles as our hand towel holder, I didn’t want to move it. So I moved the bird art and added a little cabinet that had been collecting dust in the basement. No, I’m serious, this thing was DUSTY!! Here is how the bathroom looks now:

I had always planned on putting the little cabinet in the half bath/laundry room but never did. When I was searching my brain for something to display my nail polish in this little guy popped into my mind and I knew it would be perfect. I dug it out and plopped it up on the wall.

I also moved the bird art to the top of the train rack. I wanted it to look like it was propped up there but I was afraid it would fall through the bars. To fix this problem I added a nail behind the frame so that if it slips, the nail will catch it. Genius, right?!

My new old cabinet. Just perfect for nail polish! I told Jason that I don’t have enough nail polish to fill it and I need to go buy more. We’ll see if that excuse works :) I also would like to add a little plant or something to the top of the cabinet. I might have to steal one from another room!

So you see? Small (free) changes are fun. It might not be a noticeable change to anyone else but me. But, it makes me smile when I walk into the bathroom. I am now on the hunt for more small changes today. And now I challenge you, what small change can you make quickly that will bring a smile to your face and spice things up a bit? The only person you have to please is yourself. Ready? Set? Go!!