Paint By Number

Remember how I said I was going to do a project yesterday that was a little bit childish? Well, I got it done and I have it ready to show you!

As you know, I like paint by numbers and I recently added one to my gallery wall. On Saturday I was at Michaels and I noticed they had some paint by numbers for only 69 cents. I picked one up because I thought it would be fun to try my hand at painting one. I didn’t waste any time in getting it done. I whipped it out yesterday and spent the afternoon painting. It made me feel like I was at summer camp. I remember spending the whole week at summer camp one year doing an intricate paper cut out. It felt just like that, and it was fun :)

Of course, I chose the horse one :) Actually, all of the other ones were a bit lame. But since I had so much fun painting this one I might have to go get another one even though they are lame! I’m crazy like that! Besides, did you see what Elsie did with her paint by number? I just might go through the whole process of painting one just to do the DIY project that goes with it! Not to mention Something’s Hiding In Here project as well. So many great ideas!

Without further adieu, here is my finished piece of artwork:

Of course I added it to my gallery wall! I’m not sure if it will stay there forever but it works for now. Although I had to move the butterflies because this was the only frame that it would fit in.

While I was doing gallery stuff, I also added another little thing I made. I grabbed a photo online and reworked it a bit to make this:

I like that it adds a few more colors to the wall. And here is the wall now from a different perspective than normal:

Only 4 more frames left to fill! And then I need to start collecting more frames. Yeesh, this is like the project that never ends. Oh well, it’s been fun!

And since I was feeling all summer camp-ish yesterday, I also made another friendship bracelet. This time I actually made it for a friend instead of for me :)

I get better at it every time I make one. I still wouldn’t mind having a few more adorning my own wrist!

No more summer camp projects on the horizon today. Instead I’m going to paint a room at church. No so much fun but I am excited for the results!