DIY: Leather Feather

A couple of weeks ago I made some earrings… and promptly forgot about them. Until I cleaned my craft room. See, it’s always good to do a little cleaning every now and again :) I still have yet to wear them, but now that I remember I have them, they will get put into the rotation.

I had some leather on hand from another project as well as some wooden beads left over from my necklace project and I decided to combine the two elements. It was a super simple project that even a kid could do :)

First, I cut a shape out of cardstock to use as a pattern for the feather. That way, both of my earrings would be the same size :) Then, using the pattern as a guide, I cut out the leather. Next I added some haphazard fringe to the feather using scissors and poked a small hole in the top using a needle. Thread your feather and your bead onto your earring hoop and your done! You could make this in less than 10 minutes. How’s that for a quick project?!

And here is a photo of me wearing them. Oh wait, previously I said I haven’t worn them yet. What I should have said is I haven’t worn them longer than the time it takes to snap a photo. I didn’t even put the second one on. Am I tricky or what?!

I have another fun and slightly childish project that I am tackling today. I’m looking forward to it and I hope it turns out well :) Do you have any DIY plans on this beautiful Monday? I think that even a small thing is better than nothing. At least I’m making progress, right?