Around The House: Sewing Room

Today I thought I would show you some shots of my sewing room. The term sewing room is a loose description because I don’t actually sew in there. I just keep most of my sewing supplies and projects in there and I do all of my pinning and cutting in this room. The sewing machine is actually set up in my craft room where I have a table perfect for sewing on. The sewing room is also the room where I have all of my work stuff. A more appropriate name for this room is my studio and sometimes I call it that too. But originally, I called it my sewing room and the name sort of stuck. Now you know what I am referring to regardless of what I call it. I know, I know, I have too many sewing/craft rooms. But, they do come in handy and I use them both! So, here is a closer glimpse into my space.

Side note, these piggy banks were ours as children. Mine is the pig which was given to me when I was born from my aunt. Jason’s is the bear which was given to him when he was born. They both have our names and the year on them.

There is beauty in everything :)

Have a fantastic weekend!!