Photo 365: 07.27.11 – 08.02.11

Two weeks ago I had a bad week of taking pictures. This week I did better, just like I promised :) Although there is still definitely room for improvement!

Once again I focused on shadows. I thought it would be fun to take shots of just my shadow of me doing different things. The hard part about that is they really are easier to catch outside than inside but you have to wait for just the right time of day for the shadow to be at its best. There were some days I waited all day for the appropriate time and then promptly forgot. Bummer! So I actually had more ideas but didn’t execute them. I may have to sneak some of these ideas in future weeks just because it would be fun to try them out. Regardless of how many shots I actually got, here are some of them:

22mm, 100 ISO, f/3.5, 1/320

Check out daddy long legs! I look so tall :) I love how shadows distort: long legs, short torso. So funny! One day I went to get the mail and just took my camera with me. It happened to be the right time of day to get my shadow on the street.

18mm, 100 ISO, f/3.5, 1/320

My tripod doesn’t make it into any shots (naturally!) and so I thought I should get a photo of this dynamic duo since this little baby has been working hard in the background of many Photo 365 shots. Gotta give credit to where credit it  due, right?

31mm, 100 ISO, f/4.5, 1/200

This shot is pretty faint because it was late in the day and the shadows weren’t as dark. What am I doing? I am taking time to smell the roses. Well, maybe not roses but flowers at least. No, those are not weeds. They aren’t even my tomato plants. They are genuine flowers. But I will admit they don’t have a very pleasant scent. They sort of smell like weeds.

18mm, 100 ISO, f/3.5, 1/320

And lastly, my favorite photo, me doing a cartwheel. You should have seen the outtakes for this one, believe me, there were some good ones! I like how it almost looks like the shadow is painted onto the grass. But then you can see my hands and you know it’s real. I can’t believe at 31 years old I can still do one of those things. Sheesh!

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