Bathroom Mood Board For Cris

The internet really is a wonderful place. It’s an amazing way to stay connected with friends and family. But it’s also a way to make friends. Today I am going to show you a mood board I created for a friend of mine that I met online. We have never met but only spoken on the phone and mostly through email and yet, we are friends. Crazy how that happens, isn’t it?

Cris, of the blog Kiss My Tulle, is in the process of renovating her house and I whipped up a mood board for her bathroom. She was lots of help before hand, she even pointed me to her Pinterest boards so I could get a sense of her style. Here is a picture of her house now and the basic layout of what she might like it to be:


She was really inspired by these colors so I took that into consideration. Here is what Cris said about her bathroom now and what she hopes it to become:

“The hall bathroom. It’s dark, there’s no windows,
and has poor lighting. I want to lighten it up and make it
clean looking. It needs to stay relatively neutral and cheap.

We’re definitely into making our own vanity out of
something. We are doing all white fixtures with satin nickel hardware + wide
white crown molding/baseboards. I know that I want a floor-to-ceiling shower
curtain (I can make one if needed). I basically have nothing purchased for
this bathroom yet. The main door is also going to be painted a soft dove grey
color with rubbed brass (the black looking type) hardware.

Here’s a link to my Home Board at Pinterest: – it’ll give you a good idea of the
look and colors that we’re hoping for our home. Very coastal beach-y. Very
clean, contemporary cottage. We also prefer hooks over towel bars and want
to slip a narrow cabinet or storage unit between the door and the sink. I
like open storage but this will be a main bath so we also need closed
storage and a medicine cabinet.”

So here is the mood board I created for her:

You know what I love about Cris? She’s not afraid of a little DIY. You gotta love a girl who wants to do things for herself! Because of that, I added a few things that she can DIY.

First the ideas that I have for her to DIY and then we will get to resources. Cris said they wouldn’t mind making a vanity. Well, that’s great because vanities are expensive! The one shown is from Pottery Barn and at $1699 it’s a bit steep. So, I checked out Ana White’s site and found something similar that maybe they could DIY and get the same look. Depending on how handy they are, I was wondering if you could mix this plan with this plan to get something like the PB version. And although I really love the wood finish in the PB version, I know Cris would like everything painted white. You can’t blame here for that, I like white stuff myself :) Then add a vessel sink or countertop and BAM! You got yourself a vanity. This is a little of Theoretical DIY since I haven’t actually tried any of this stuff :)

The next DIY project I have planned for Cris has to do with the shower curtain. It is really hard to find long shower curtains. I have tried to find one for myself and ended up making one out of a curtain so I wasn’t surprised when I couldn’t find one for Cris either. Then I came across this beauty from Anthropologie:

Isn’t it lovely?! So anyway, I got to thinking. I remembered seeing a great bird shower curtain at Target (see the mood board above). It’s currently out of stock on the website but I just saw it in my store so hopefully there are some still out there! I also remembered seeing this tutorial to make a ruffle shower curtain here. So, my thought was, mix the two by adding some ruffle to the Target curtain and you will get a shower curtain like the one above and it will be long enough to make it floor to ceiling. What do you think? I love the idea and wish I had a place to put it so I could try it out for myself!

Okay, enough of the DIY projects, onto resources: 1. Tile that Cris already has and is planning on using in the bathroom 2. Shower curtain from Target 3. Bath Mat from Urban Outfitters 4. Vanity from Pottery Barn 5. Bath Cabinet from Amazon 6. Light Fixture from Lowe’s 7. Tumbler from West Elm 8. Waste Basket from West Elm 9. Hand Towel in Horseradish from West Elm 10. Faucet from Overstock 11. Mirror Medicine Cabinet from Amazon 12. Paint Color from Sherwin Williams – Creamy 7012 & Functional Gray 7024 13. Artwork from Etsy 14. Artwork from Etsy 15. Artwork from Etsy 16. Artwork from Etsy 17. Branch Hooks from West Elm

Slap some paint on that paneling and with the other new stuff like cabinets and tile I think the bathroom will turn out lovely and I vote that Cris send us the after pictures. Don’t you all agree?!