Thrift Finds 07.29.11

Yesterday I went to a church garage sale and found a couple of things for good prices. Sometimes I think that church garage sales are the best. They get so much stuff that it is usually worth it to check out. They also aren’t usually priced as high as some garage sales because there is no sentimental attachment. We have plenty of churches here in the South so there are plenty to go to. This one happened to be just down the street from where we live, even better!

Before I show you what I found yesterday, I realized I forgot to show you this paint by number that I found a few weeks back at Goodwill for $1:

Actually my Mom found it for me. We were together and she saw it first. Thanks Mom! I have been wanting a paint by number and the price was right. Sorry the photo is out of focus but I didn’t feel like retaking it. Ya, I’m lazy like that! That’s what happens on Fridays…

Okay, now onto my garage sale finds:

Do you remember when I complained about not being able to find a horse? Now I see them everywhere! This little horse bookend was only 50 cents so he had to come home with me. He is going to get a nice coat of matte black paint and then maybe he will resemble the new horse bookends at West Elm. Do you think I can pull it off?

And lastly, my super duper find of the day was this:

Isn’t it wonderful? It’s solid wood, perfectly mid-mod and I love it! It has some major blemishes on the top and I really want to keep it unpainted but it will require some elbow grease. But it was worth it because guess what? It was only $5. A steal. I’m still pinching myself!

And those are my finds from the church garage sale. Seriously, if you haven’t ever been to one, you better check them out! Maybe there is even one this weekend…