Kellie Loves Neon

So… remember my little obsession with neon? And remember me saying I wanted something neon for my house, not just my wardrobe? Well, I have accomplished that goal. I have something neon alright. And I love it!

Awhile back I picked up a lamp at Goodwill on their half off day for $3. I didn’t have a shade for it and so I kept it in the basement for a while until I found a shade at the thrift store which they threw in for free since I was buying other stuff. Sweet! The lamp I figured I would leave as is because it was already a great color. Here it is to refresh your memory:

I really love white lamps. I mean you can’t go wrong right? And here is the lampshade I found:

Yikes! I knew this little guy would work out but he’s not so pretty to look at in this picture!

As I was contemplating how to add neon to a room, this lamp came to mind. I almost never paint over white. Heck, I’m usually busy painting everything else white! But I really wanted to try and give this lamp a kick and so… I painted it neon yellow. Crazy? Yes. But fun! It’s bold and you might want to wear sunglasses to look at it but it’s different and that was what I wanted.

Then came the shade. At first I thought I would go for a white shade to balance out the neon. But it just didn’t feel right. I also had some gray and white zebra paper lying around that I thought would work. To test all of these options out, I do what I always do. I put the lamp in place and lay the material over the lampshade. Then I take a picture so I could see what I thought. Here is the zebra paper lying over the shade:

Just not quite right. Although it would do, it wasn’t the look I was really going for. And then it clicked with me… the fabric that I used for the silky pillow would be perfect! So I grabbed some and threw it over the shade:

Just right! Next, I sprayed the lamp with spray adhesive and glued the fabric onto the shade. I basically did the same thing that I did with this lampshade for Jason’s office/library. Here is the finished product:

I really love it! The dining room previously had no color in there at all so this bright piece of sunshine really stands out. It’s exactly what I was wishing for in that room.

Now I really want to paint my little credenza. It will look even better and the look that I am going for in my head will come together :)

I also want to show it to you in conjunction with the living room but you will have to wait because there are some other things happening in there right now and I don’t want to reveal it quite yet :)

So what do you think of the neon trend? Do you love it as much as I do? Would you paint something neon yellow for your own home? Do tell :)