Photo 365: 07.20.11- 07.26.11

I was bad. I was very bad. Shame on me! Why was I bad? I only took one self portrait this past week. Oops :) I was so busy doing projects around the house that I kept forgetting to take my portrait. Man, that stinks. Now I only have one picture to share with you.

My goal for last week was to play with shadows as Kristen suggested in the comments on this post (great idea Kristen!). Unfortunately, I didn’t get very far. So maybe I will try again this week :) Anyway, I ended up with two pictures that I liked from the one day I took some so I will show you both!

100 ISO, 50mm, f/2.8, 1/4000

I was trying to get a self portrait of me taking a self portrait… of just shadows. That meant that the camera had to be away from my body to shoot the photo. Which meant I also couldn’t look through the view finder to see where I was aiming my lens. A bunch of trial and error here folks. The one above is probably my favorite. I like that my finger is sticking straight out holding the camera in place. Funny how we do things without even noticing :)

I like this one as well. You get a lot more of me in the photo as well as more of the idea that I was going for. These pictures kind of crack me up. Shadows are funny! And I took a bunch that were only of the grass or sidewalk while I was trying to get the perfect shot. Oh trial and error, how fun you are!

So that’s it. That is my one day of self portraits for this week. Please don’t hate. I will do better next time, I promise :)

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