New Blue Door

Do you ever have the itch to paint something? I do… all the time :) On Saturday I was puttering around the house and I decided I needed a painting project. I settled on painting the inside of the front door. I had some paint lying around and I wanted to test it out so I went for it. I love projects like these because they hardly take any time and yet they are fun to have done. Just to remind you, I just painted the door black last year. Before that it was white. Here is the original color:

Then, as I said, I painted it black:

I really need to do a progression post on this room because the walls have been painted many times. First it was tan-ish, then it became red, next it was the brown color you see above and now it is a light gray. What can I say? It’s the easiest room to paint because there isn’t much of it. The wainscoting has always stayed white though. Maybe I should change that next :) Anyway, here is the new blue door:

Thoughts? It’s actually a dark blue and so sometimes it really is hard to tell the difference between the previous black and the new blue. I just might be the only one that would notice. Haha!

Funny what a little paint can do! If anyone cares, the paint color is Twilight by Benjamin Moore.

The above picture is pretty dark, I couldn’t get it any lighter with the equipment I have! When I take pictures in this room, I usually open the door for more light but I couldn’t really do that in this case, could I?!

Last shot, I promise! I think the color is fun. It brings me so much pleasure for me to make a little change like this that I am already thinking about next time. Silly me! I’m thinking it might be fun to do a bright color. What do you think?