DIY: Glitter Purse

As I said previously, I recently found a few fun purses at thrift stores for good prices that I wanted to tweak just a bit. It has been fun to see what I can do with them and I like how they have all turned out. This week I worked on the last one I had left by using a technique I have been wanting to try out. You can see my other thrift store purse remakes here and here. For this remake, here is what my purse started out as:

I really liked the style and color of this purse but as you can see it had quite a few scratches in the leather, just on the flap. The rest of the purse was in excellent condition and so it came home with me and I brainstormed how I might fix up this little guy. I could tell the purse was of good quality and when I researched the brand I was happy to find that these can be expensive purses. Who knew? The brand is LaMarthe and you can find their website here.

After thinking about it for a bit, I decided to glitter it. A girl can always have a bit more bling in her wardrobe, right? I can never have too much that’s for sure :) I found a tutorial for glittering shoes here and I followed the same steps with this purse. I had always wanted to glitter something but I thought it would make a mess and I figured the glitter would get on me every time I used the purse. But with this method, you mix the glitter in with the Mod Podge and paint it on. That way, the glitter stays on because it’s actually mixed in with the glue instead of applied as a top coat. Here is how my purse looks:

In real life the glitter is darker but it caught the light in these pictures and makes it look more silver. In reality, it looks much like the gray of the purse, just with more sparkles :)

Once the glitter glue dries you apply a top coat to keep that stuff on. Really, the process couldn’t be easier.

I love my new blingy purse and I’m excited to use it. Maybe even this weekend :)