Mood Board: Blue & Brown

Last week I went to a friend’s house to take a look at their living room. They are in the middle of a renovation project on their home and wanted some advice. Since I love to do things like that I jumped at the chance! After taking a look I whipped up a mood board for them of their living room. Their style is more traditional than mine so it was fun to come up with some things that I wouldn’t normally pick for myself. Here is the board:

The background color is a color they had already picked for the walls, a soft blue/gray, so I don’t have the actual color. As for the rest, here are the resources if you are interested: 1. curtains, 2. artwork, 3. artwork, 4. console, 5. rug, 6. couch, 7. ottoman, 8. pillow, 9. pillow, 10. pillow, 11. pillow, 12. vases, 13. trunk, 14. lamp.

Her favorite color is brown and so I used a lot of it! They also have dogs and so they definitely wanted a dark brown sofa. She also didn’t want a lot of color so I just added pops of blue here and there. I liked how it all came together and I hope they did too :)

I like making mood boards. I’ve been thinking about making more of them just for fun, even if they are hypothetical. What do you think? Would you like to see more of them?