Photo 365: 07.06.11 – 07.12.11

I gave myself another theme for this week’s photos. I decided to take all of them out of focus. My favorite photos are tack sharp (I know, not all of my photos are sharp on this blog because sometimes I’m in a hurry!!). Sharp is great, but sometimes, a photo is pretty when it’s a bit out of focus. It makes them seem soft and dreamy and I like that. So, as an exercise in creativity, that was my goal this week, soft and dreamy out of focus pictures. Are you with me?!

50mm, 200 ISO, f/1.4, 1/80

And the very first photo I took of the week happens to be my favorite. I love how it feels so soft. And I love that the only color is my lips. I want to take more pictures like this one.

50mm, 400 ISO, f/1.4, 1/80

I love this one too. I learned throughout the week that I like when there is a bit of color as opposed to just neutral. When there is a shot of pink it makes it seems more dream-like which was obviously my goal. Since was all experimentation, nothing I did was wrong, I just learned what I like the best :)

50mm, 400 ISO, f/1.4, 1/80

I love taking these kind of pictures downstairs in our family room since it gives me a backdrop of white. I also found that it is necessary to take these when it is bright outside or the dreaminess goes away.

50mm, 400 ISO, f/2.8, 1/50

Remember when I said I like a shot of color in the picture best? Well, I really wish I was wearing bright colored shorts or something for this photo but I do really love the how the sequins on my shirt sparkle. This was the first photo I had taken of the week where I was wearing neutrals so I didn’t know how much better I would like the brighter colors. Lesson learned :)

50mm, 1600 ISO, f/2.8, 1/50

This is the picture I took when it was late at night. It doesn’t have the same quality of dreaminess without the sun shining through the window. Again, another lesson learned.

I really enjoyed this little experiment and I’m trying to think of another one that I can do for this week. Any suggestions? I realized that it’s fun for me to have something specific to work on because I learn things as I go. And since I’m trying to get a different shot every day, it forces me to think outside of the box and try new angles which causes me to learn more. Good stuff :)