DIY: Clay Jewelry

As with everyone else on the internet, I have really been into geometric shapes. I want to put them everywhere! Check out these links for some inspiration: here, here, and here. A while ago I found a tutorial on how to make a necklace pendant out of polymer clay and I knew I had to make something like that someday. I also came across an Etsy shop that makes earrings and such using polymer clay. Too much good stuff, I really wanted one :) Of course I made my own…

First, I made some earrings. I chose black this time around but next time I think I will try some other colors. I really like the white and the neon colors as well.

They are super simple to make. Just roll the clay into a small ball, then start shaving off the excess into a geo pattern.

Next attach them to your earring back. I just used some earrings from long ago that I no longer wear and squished them on. Make sure you don’t ruin your geo design though by squishing too much. You could also do the carving after you put the backs in place. Sorry for the lousy picture above but hopefully you get the idea :) Then bake them according to the instructions and ta-da! You have some new earrings.

Next up I made a ring:

Same instructions for the ring. It really is pretty simple. I did learn though that the carving needs to be really crisp or it doesn’t look as good. I might try making some more earrings just to see if I can do a better job!

Same thing goes for the back of the ring also. The ring part I bought at the craft store.

Next up I need to make a pendant. Or a necklace of some sort. I’m thinking some geo beads would be pretty cool too. But I really must get some more colors or all I will be wearing is black!

Now go out and get some clay. It’s a fun and cheap weekend project. I think the clay is only about $2 and then if you can scrounge up some old earrings like I did to use as backs, you could have some pretty inexpensive jewelry. Fun fun!!