Photo 365: 06.29.11 – 07.05.11

I love holidays. I just love the feeling of something out of the ordinary, doing something special. Our 4th of July was just what it should be, fun and relaxing. As I mentioned on Monday, we headed to a party at a friend’s house who live on the river. We hung out eating hamburgers and smores and simply enjoyed one another’s company. With the exception of a few mosquito bites, the day was just right. I snapped my daily photo right before we left. I took it of my outfit, mostly because I just got a new swimsuit earlier this year and I wanted to document my first time wearing it :)

I know, I know, not much of it is showing but you don’t think I want to pose and post a picture of me in my bathing suit online do you?! Ha! The suit is from Old Navy but unfortunately, they no longer are selling it. I was excited to find a one piece this year for something different. I haven’t had a one piece since I was a little girl. It’s kind of fun :) Plus, it’s striped. I love stripes!

In other news… I found the shirt above while thrifting on Saturday (Goodwill half off day). It was $2. I think it’s pretty cute. But my outfit was looking a little bland so I had to add a few pops of color. Now looking at this picture I’m thinking my hair is looking pretty bland. I’m not sure how I want to change it but it’s about time. Any suggestions?

In this last picture for this week, you can see I painted my nails. I almost never paint my finger nails. Toes? Yes! But not fingers. In fact, I’m pretty sure I haven’t painted my nails for at least 3 years. The reason is because it doesn’t last long for me. I am always doing projects with my hands and they get all messed up really quickly. But for some reason, Saturday night I was in the mood and decided to paint them. It’s been fun, having this bright color. It cheers me every time I look at my fingers :)

That pretty much sums up this past week for me. Have you revisited anything lately? Like nail polish and one piece bathing suits? You should try something you haven’t tried for a while. It’s fun!