DIY Bead Necklace

The other day I came across this cool picture on Pinterest:

I really loved the unfinished wooden beads and the randomness of it. So what did I do? I made my own of course. Like usual, I added a little bit of my own twist to it, just for fun :)

First I went to the craft store and gathered supplies. I found the wooden beads and they happened to be on sale so I got all of them for $2.64. I decided to go with a with leather cord instead of twine and it cost $1 and I also found some square silver beads to add for sparkle for $1.

I played around with it some and ended up changing the original design more than I thought I would. In the end, I placed knots in between each bead as I threaded them on. Here is how it turned out:

And here I am modeling it…

I really like it, in fact I wore it today :) I had extra supplies left over so I made another necklace while I was at it:

This one is longer which is kind of nice. Here I am modeling this one:

This one is a clever design. Because it is so long, I can actually wrap it around a few times and wear it as a bracelet too.

And then I had just a tiny bit left of the leather so I made a ring.

Pretty fun, and very simple! I had enjoyed making them and because I enjoyed it so much I have some other jewelry projects that I’m working on as well. I love to craft. But you already knew that :)