Guest Post: Another Gallery Wall

Recently, I’ve tried several different things on my wall in the hallway upstairs and hadn’t been completely happy with any of them.  It meant for a lot of filling holes
and painting  (because of the previous holes from nails) until I finally got the right thing!
When I was going through boxes getting ready for the garage sale at Kellie’s house last weekend, I came across all of our family pictures.  Graduations pictures of the kids, wedding pictures of the kids, my grandparents wedding pictures, and older family pictures.  I’m still in need a lot of pictures – Brett’s graduation picture, our latest family picture (taken in Dec.) and lots of grand children pictures!  But I decided not to wait until I had all things together and go ahead and do a gallery wall.  Unlike Kellie, I don’t have the patience to cut out paper the size of each picture and tape it to the wall (although it would have been a good idea!)  I just went for it – late one night!  Here is the beginning of my gallery wall.  I love it.  It’s the right thing!

The above picture was taken from the entry way as you come in the front door. This space has changed a lot since we moved in. Here are some before pictures:

Warren took out the old stairway and built a completely new set that is open between each step (no riser).  We then cut a hole in the dining room on the lower level and put glass in it so that you can see into the dining room and through the lower windows.  It opened up the space so much and a person no longer feels that they are going into a dungeon when they go down to the dining and kitchen.  We also removed two closets (from the hallway) upstairs in order to open up that space.  We now have a larger, open landing at the top of the stairs and a more open feeling to the living room.  It is my favorite thing about the house now.  Once again, Warren’s done good!!!!

And another gallery wall that I’ve just started.  I’m picking up oil canvases done by amateur painters.  It’s been so fun to see what I can come up with.  The guest room was the perfect place to display them.  And I’m still looking for more….!

I’m finding it hard to get my regular work done because I’m so into projects right now.  How can one clean when so much fun is just a paint brush, hammer, or sewing machine away?!