Thrift Finds 06.27.11

As promised last week, I have some more thrift finds to show you today. Also, half off day for Goodwill is this coming Saturday. Can you guess what I will be doing?! I must admit though, I had a garage sale on Saturday and it sort of jaded me for a bit when I went to Goodwill afterwards. I just kept thinking that everything I buy will end up there again. But then I snapped out of it. I figured, that is why I thrift. So when I tire of something I don’t feel guilty for giving it away because I didn’t spend very much on it to begin with! And so the thrifting obsession was renewed :)

I’m starting a little chair collection. I’m trying to find chairs that cost less than $5 each. This one cost $2.

And this one was given to me by my Mom. Why am I collecting them? I am hoping to paint them all the same color (matte black) and then use them around a table outside. I think it could be really cute. So far I have 5 chairs. Not bad but I need a few more :)

I found this a while back for $1. It’s really dirty because it has been sitting in the garage but it will eventually make its way into the laundry room.

I also found these some time ago, so long ago in fact that I can’t remember how much they were although I know they were inexpensive. I love the shape of them but I don’t really have yellow anywhere so I’m thinking of giving them a paint job. Maybe gold :)

I got this for a quarter a week ago. I want to give it a nice coat of paint and then hang it in my craft room with some little odds and ends. It would be cute with some sewing notions in it too. I guess what I put in it will be determined once I decide where to hang it.

This is my favorite find as of late. It’s a vintage recipe book that I found for a quarter. The coolest part? It hasn’t been used!

It has blank pages for you to write your recipes down on.

And divider tabs for the different sections where you file your recipes.

It also had these pink envelopes for recipes if you have clippings out of magazines. Each section has these envelopes.

Inside the front of the book was this calendar folded up along with a Christmas card from Acme Steel Company. I’m guessing it was a corporate Christmas gift in 1975 since they got a card and a calendar for 1976. And then they just never used it. Well, after 35 years it’s about time somebody does! It’s also kind of cool because Jason was born in 1976 and now we have an original calendar of his birth year :)

My total spent for all of this stuff? Only $3.50! Well, I guess I can’t remember what the s&p shakers ran me but it wasn’t much. Not too shabby :)