How Does Your Garden Grow Update 06.24.11

I think I might actually be doing something right as far as my garden goes :) I’m shocked that I have made it this far and it just keeps getting better. It won’t be long now before I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor! We had a bit of rain this week and it seemed to make everything grow so much more. Even though I have been watering everything daily, I guess there is no substitute for good old fashioned rain! Here are a few pictures of my garden babies:

Can you believe those are my tomatoes?! Remember when they were just starting? Now they actually look like tomatoes and I’m starting to think I might get to eat some. It doesn’t take much to get me excited does it?!

They are growing so large I finally had to stake it.

And right next to my little tomato plant are some daylilies that have busted out and make me smile every time I water my tomatoes.

I also saw my first cosmo bloom this week and there are more that will follow shortly.

Can you see the others just waiting until their time?!

My spinach is still doing great also but now I’m wondering when I should eat it. Am I supposed to start eating it now? Does anyone know? I bet it will be the best spinach ever :)

Onto my cilantro and basil. I really can’t wait for these guys to be ready. We just had some cilantro last week that we got from the store and now I’m itchin’ to eat my own! I’m also super excited to try and make pesto with my basil.

I also have a dahlia plant in the backyard that I have always loved. It’s just getting ready to bloom and soon there will be blooms all over it. It’s so beautiful and I have to force myself not to pick all of them to bring in the house :)

Anyone else doing any gardening this year? Am I the only crazy one? I suppose it’s just another DIY project that I have to try for myself. Silly me :) If you want to see all of the gardening posts click here.

By the way… remember when I mentioned that I was going to have a garage sale? Well, it got postponed and so now we are going to have it this weekend! If anyone lives in the area and wants to come email me for directions.